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Wayne and Sandy Hennigsgaard
Sandy and Wayne Hennigsgaard

We welcome you to our website.  Our goal with Rolfing is to treat the whole person. We keep body, mind and spirit in mind when arranging our offices and in working with clients.  Our intention is that you have a transformational experience with your Rolfing.  

Wayne Henningsgaard, Advanced Certified Rolfer, earned his BA from the University of Minnesota in 1972 in philosophy. These studies laid the foundation for a change in Wayne's perception and thinking. He began to think of the body as a living whole greater than the sum of its parts. This thinking is alive and unfolding in Wayne's approach to the body through Rolfing today as the lasting results obtained in his Rolfing are the product of addressing the balance of the whole body, as much as addressing the problem or injury in any part.   After college Wayne worked for a county welfare department. During this time he completed a two year training program in transactional analysis and gestalt therapy. In 1978 Wayne began a four year training program in Bioenergetic Analysis (a body-centered form of psychotherapy), began going through the 10 session Rolfing series, and started to study massage therapy.   He went to the college of St. Thomas and earned his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology in 1981.   He also completed his  Bioenergetic and massage training shortly after this.   Wayne went into private practice as a psychologist and body worker, while he continued to study various kinds of other body therapies such as cranial sacral therapy.   These studies and trainings laid the foundation for understanding and working with the emotional component of the body in the Rolfing process. This process is still developing today as Wayne unfolds his skills of empathy, respect, and trust with each individual. He provides and establishes a safe and sacred space where people can experience a reconnection to their bodies, and a release of tensional energies that are a part of healing life’s traumas and injuries. In 1990 he completed Rolfing school and made the transition to Rolfing full time.   Wayne completed the advanced Rolfing training in 1993 with his major interest centered on the skeletal system and joints.   He then studied the visceral system and its relationship to the fascial web through classes in visceral manipulation and mechanical link from the originators of these therapies in France.   He then spent several years studying Energetic Osteopathy with its originator, Dr. Tom Shaver, DO. In 2007 he completed Level I and Level II of Neurology of Posture taught by Don Hazen, D.C  and Advanced Certified Rolfer.  He has continued his Advanced Training in Rolfing as well as Advanced Training in Zero Balancing from 2012 to the present time.  He continues to evolve this work into the structural work of Rolfing.  He enjoys working with professional athletes from the NFL and NBA. Besides professionals who earn their livelihood with their bodies such as actors and dancers, Wayne works with a variety of extraordinary people form children to adults who have come to the realization that the structural health of their bodies can improve the well-being and happiness of their lives. Wayne maintains a full time Rolfing practice in Stillwater, Minnesota. 

Sandy Henningsgaard, Advanced Certified Rolfer, is a Registered Nurse with a specialization in Critical Care.   She was studying  to go to chiropractic school  when she got involved with Rolfing in 1983.   Sandy studied Rolfing in Munich (West) Germany in 1985 and completed the Advanced Rolfing training in 1991. She has been Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 1990. Sandy has continued her studies of bodywork in the area of visceral manipulation, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Mechanical Link, Osteopathy, (studying with various internationally acclaimed osteopaths), and the Neurology of Posture (with Don Hazen, DC and Advanced Certified Rolfer).   She enjoys working with clients who present a “puzzle” in their body or who have a mystery to be solved. Her skill lies in unwrapping and unwinding old or recent injuries and in integrating them to the whole fascial web. Sandy's practice includes people of all ages and professions, from children as young as a few months of age to men and women in their 80’s. She also assists and supports Wayne in his work with the professional athletes, lending balance and insight to his sessions with them. Sandy maintains a full-time Rolfing practice in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Together Wayne and Sandy Henningsgaard make up a dynamic team of Rolfers. They work together on other Rolfers, athletes and a select few clients who want what is known as a “double session.” The energy of their work together gets two or three times the change that a private session achieves. Wayne brings his strength of accuracy and Sandy brings her strength of insight to this process of astounding change.

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